Technology has changed the way businesses reach and manage relationships with past, current, and new customers.  While we love all forms of media, technology has allowed us to be smarter, more strategic and laser focused on the audiences we are trying to inspire.  We don’t just do digital marketing, we provide Digital Intelligence Marketing which is much more than just an ad on a website.  Digital Intelligence provides businesses an opportunity to reach their desired audience in the right place, at the right time and on the right device.


One of the hardest things to do is to establish relationships with customers.  Working with us by utilizing our Digital Intelligence Marketing services, businesses can not only establish relationships but also stay in front of their very valuable audiences.  Staying top-of-mind with customers drives revenue and has the ability to monetize other aspects of a business.   We look forward to working with you to establish the digital infrastructure you need to elevate your brand now and into the future.


Using this technology is extremely cost effective.  It provides brand awareness, audience building, geographic and behavioral targeting, measurable reporting and real-time consumer behavior data.  This information is used to help businesses make smart decisions based on the behavior patterns of their target audience opposed to decisions based on emotions without factual data support.


  • How are you currently reaching your customers?
  • How much are you currently spending on marketing efforts?
  • How do you stay top-of-mind with your audience?
  • How are you measuring the impact of your current marketing efforts?
  • Are you monetizing all of the segments of your business?
  • Are you able to use real-time data to make strategic business decisions?
  • How much of your own time are you spending to drive revenue?


Our Digital Intelligence Marketing technology provides answers to all of these questions.  In short, we build infrastructure, provide solutions, leverage data science and produce measurable outcomes to amplify any brand.


We will help each of our clients implement a digital marketing strategy every step of the way from planning, design, and buying…to a flawless execution.


Digital Intelligence Marketing allows companies, large and small, to position their brand in front of the right audience, with the right message, in the right place, at the right time. Utilizing digital will measurably amplify your brand and build relationships with your past, current, and future customers.


We reach consumers across display, mobile, video, and more. We use several types of targeting including geography, consumer behavior patterns, industries, hobbies, gender, age, household income, language, etc. We combine your first party data with our third party data providers to strategically position your brand in front of your top performing customers.


Once an individual engages with a digital ad, we have the ability to capture that user and retarget them with additional relevant brand content. This is a very powerful tool for any businesses looking to stay connected, monetize multiple segments of their business and grow the relationship with their audience.


We assess effectiveness to help increase success during every campaign. We do this by analyzing success metrics and provide clear insights that can be acted upon now and in the future. Based on real-time consumer behavior engagement, our system helps our partners understand what’s happening day-to-day with their customers, media, and brand.


During the course of every digital campaign, we optimize and modify tactics to drive measurable improvement in brand reach and campaign performance. We assess the effectiveness of your campaigns to make future ones smarter and even more successful.


Partners will gain insights from geographic and cross-channel reports on audience engagement and discover new potential business opportunities. Empowered with this information, we can turn those insights into action.

Digital Marketing



We have taken significant strides to make the cost of our Digital Intelligence Marketing affordable for any business on virtually any budget.  In order to streamline the process, we have a low one time infrastructure set up and monthly management cost, all other services listed below are included in the price of the media we place.


Once we have your infrastructure set up, you determine the digital campaign budget and we will adhere to that figure.  Our flexible pricing structure does not lock you into long term contracts.  We pride ourselves on making sure our clients are happy and have successful outcomes.  This mindset is one of the main reasons we have been around for more than 30 years.


Digital Media Buying = Cost is included

Geographic Targeting = Cost is included

Contextual and Audience Targeting = Cost is included

Hyperlocal Targeting = Cost is included

Retargeting = Cost is included

Digital Marketing


We have the ability to build the digital infrastructure for a company and launch a campaign in as little as one week.  An expedited campaign launch can be accommodated in certain circumstances.


Please reach out to a team member to discuss your options.


Phase 1: We conduct an exploratory meeting.

Phase 2: We build your digital infrastructure.

Phase 3: We combined your first party business insights with our third party data and build campaigns that strategically reach your target audience(s).

Phase 4: Once the digital assets are complete we will launch your campaign.


Display and Video Advertisement Development: If you already have your own ads designed we will set up the campaigns with your creative at no additional charge. However, we would love to create the ads for you should you require this service.


We look forward to working with you to establish the digital infrastructure you need to elevate your brand and business. 


We are located in Los Angeles and Denver Colorado